Established in Los Angeles,CA, PENELOPE PIPER, LLC. is making a rapid name for itself as a luxury ready-to-wear brand, with particular emphasis on tailored denim.  "PENELOPE PIPER" - a name chosen for it's warm, feminine appeal - is perfectly in sync with it's free spirit, audacious, forward thinking of the all American woman. Made in the USA, inspired by the encounters and collaborations, that sustains exchanges and sets new challenges. PENELOPE PIPER,LLC transcends it's product to encounter new creative minds in which raw materials, craftsmanship and art unite as one.

With long standing experience in luxury ready-to-wear sales, experience working with top denim designers, it's founder designer has infused the collection with signature style of sharp tailoring, natural confidence, sexy femininity and an expressed philosophy of individuality, which for them, is the very definition of true luxury. 

By way of the founder's degrees in Fine Arts and Merchandise Marketing, and drawing inspiration from master tailors, PENELOPE PIPER, LLC has created a new standard of luxury denim. Using tradition and culture, combined with class, to get a modern version of the tailored denim. The qualities that define it are unchanging: outstanding, innovative design, contemporary functionality, and the highest quality materials. With continuous research into materials and better fit, along with resistance tests linked to wear and tear, takes creation even further while still preserving fundamentals. Since the beginning, PENELOPE PIPER,LLC has preserved the guaranty of its collections made and sourced in the USA.

she was free in her wilderness. she was a wanderess, a drop of free water. she belonged to no man and no city.